About Me

Copywriting is my dream career … and I took the long and winding road to get to it …

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and International Studies, plus a minor in German, from Iowa State University. Go, Cyclones!

I worked for the US Federal Government for 13 years, as a Park Ranger, Purchasing Agent, IT Specialist, and held a Top Secret security clearance. Sorry, it’s classified… 🙂

After leaving the Feds, I worked in printing, real estate, insurance, and for a non-profit agency. 

And I’ve been a happy freelancer since 2011!

Thanks to all that job hopping, I’m quick to pick up new skills and put them to use. I adjust to new work environments and new team members with ease, allowing me to get to work quickly on any project.

I’m an AWAI trained and Verified® copywriter. That means I learned my craft from the best writers the business, have a vast support network, and am up to date with industry standards.

When I’m not writing, I run. A lot! I’m a proud Marathon Maniac and Half Fanatic, and I’m always looking for a new running challenge. Long distance running has shown me that with consistency and hard work, I can achieve anything I set out to do.

My other passion is making award-winning wine at home. (Yes, it’s legal!) Making wine is a lesson in patience. It’s taught me to pay attention to detail, slow down, relax, and trust the process.

I’ve lived all over the United States, and I’m currently enjoying life with my family on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Contact me to discuss how to use content marketing to connect with your customers.

email: Info@KismetCopywriting.com

Li Vasquez-Noone is a B2B Copywriter & Content Marketing Writer for Coaches and Consultants.