About Me

My name is Li Vasquez-Noone and I write content to help you connect with your clients.

Your customers should be able to relate to what is written on your website and in your emails. “Stuffy” writing just won’t cut it these days. I like to weave stories into articles, blogs, and lead generating emails so they are like conversations. This content is engaging to your customers and brings them back to your site over and over.

I have been writing all my life. I am a copywriter specializing in B2B content marketing in Information Marketing, Travel, and Real Estate. I write articles, blogs, social media posts, web pages, newsletters, emails, and sales letters. I have studied under the best B2B copywriters in the business, and I am an American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI) certified Web Copy Specialist. When I’m not writing for clients, I’m a blogger and a novelist.

I spent over a decade working with the National Park Service in some of the most beautiful spots in the country; held a Florida Realtor® license; worked for a local printing company; was a writer and editor for the Risk Management division of one of the largest insurance firms in the world; and volunteered with non-profit organizations.

As a member of AWAI and the Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA), I have the support of a strong network of writers and marketers. It is my privilege continue to learn and hone my own skills while I connect with other talented writers.

Currently living in Delray Beach, Florida, I am an avid long distance runner, gluten-free lifestyle expert, a home winemaker, and will read nearly any fiction I can get my hands on.

Contact me to discuss how to use content marketing to connect with your customers.

email: Info@KismetCopywriting.com

Li Vasquez-Noone is a copywriter specializing in B2B content marketing for Info Marketing, Travel, and Real Estate.