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PayNearMe provides clients with the ability to accept electronic cash transactions at convenient neighborhood locations.

White Paper: How Payment Technology Can Improve Cash Flow

Noontime Labels designs and prints custom and personalized wine and beer labels for wineries, home winemakers, and brewers.

Noontime Labels Press Release
Brochure – Do You Care About Your Wine? (outside)
Brochure – Do You Care About Your Wine? (inside)
Noontime Labels Magazine Ads

The Barefoot Writer magazine shares inspirational stories, tips on how to make money as a writer, how to find writing opportunities, advice on improving productivity and writing skills, and more.

The Easiest Way Yet to Organize and Access Your Writing Projects from the Cloud
Take Social Media Scheduling to the Next Level – and Avoid the Time Suck – with These Tools
Banish Writer’s Block Forever with Idea Generators
A Novel in 30 Days? Here’s How to Do It
Guaranteed Burnout Busters

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