Autoresponder Sample – Superheroes

Subject:  What’s that up in the sky?  It’s a bird…it’s a plane…

Hi there, FIRSTNAME, it’s CLIENTNAME from AWAI, and I’m telling you, they are everywhere…

You see, the other day I was at the local multiplex movie theater.  There were 24 screens showing different movies, and I noticed something.  Everywhere I looked, I saw a poster advertising a movie about superheroes.  Some of the movies were already playing, and many more were coming soon.  Most were based on an older story from comic books, but with a fresh, modern twist.

It definitely seems to be the summer of the superhero!

Superhero stories have always had a certain draw for people.  And it’s not surprising.  After all, Ironman, Thor, CaptainAmerica, X-Men…they all have something special about them. And no, it’s not the tights. 

It’s all about their super powers.  I mean, think about it… How cool would it be to have super powers?

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?  (One you’re going to use for good, not evil…)

Would you be invisible?

Have lightning fast speed or super strength?

Have a magic hammer or an indestructible shield?

Now, any of these powers would be pretty neat.  And they would certainly make life easier for you, wouldn’t they?  You could do a lot of good with any one of these powers.  You could go anywhere, do anything.  And you get to wear cool outfits.

There’s just one catch:  You can’t really have super powers. 

At least, not like the ones in the movies.

But you CAN have super earning power.

Think about it:  what if you made more money in a year than most doctors?  What if you could work fewer hours than you do now, doing something that doesn’t even feel like work? 

Wouldn’t that be super?


No, I’m not feeding you a story out of a comic book here.  You can do it, just by learning the proven secrets to writing a simple letter.  A six figure salary, and more, is available to you if you become a copywriter for the $2.3 trillion direct-response industry.

Copywriters who take AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting are in high demand in this growing field.  Imagine making over $100,000 a year just from writing letters, exactly like the ones you see in your mailbox and in your email, every day.

Don’t consider yourself a writer?  That’s good!  AWAI’s course will train you to write like you talk, and follow some simple (yet powerful) techniques. 

Now, the money is great.  That much is certain.  But being a writer has other perks, as well.

You can work from anywhere.  Don’t like sitting at a desk in a cubicle?  Well, how about on the couch at home?  Or at your favorite coffee shop?  Or at the beach? 

Don’t have a beach?  No problem, now you can move closer to one.  Or are mountains more your style?  That will work, too.  In fact, you can do this job and make this kind of money from anywhere you want.  Take exotic vacations, for little or no expense.  How?  Write a little on the trip to pay for it, or take an assignment that includes a trip.  Relocate to your ideal climate, live in the middle of a bustling city, or find peace in the middle of an isolated forest.

Can Superman do that?  Probably not. ClarkKent could – he is a writer, after all. But Superman’s job requires him to stay near Metropolis, so he’s stuck.


You can have the writer’s life – work where you want, when you want.  Live anywhere.  Travel on a whim.  Earn as much money as you want. 

That’s something even a superhero would envy.


P.S.  You can have super earning power as a copywriter, but it won’t cost you a super fortune to learn how to write sales letters.  For a limited time, you can get started in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting for a deposit of just $39.00.  Check it out for 30 days.  If you like what you see, and decide the writer’s life is for you, you can keep it and we will bill you just $39 a month for 12 months.  Now that’s a super deal.  What are you waiting for?