Autoresponder Sample – Travel

Hi, FIRSTNAME, it’s CLIENTNAME here from AWAI, and I’d like to ask you something…

Do you like to travel?

If you’re like most people, you answered that question with a resounding “Yes!”  In fact, you probably wish you could travel more than you do now, right?

But you, like many others, probably don’t have the time or the money to be able to travel as much as you would like.

The sad reality is that most people who yearn to explore far away places will be unable to, due to lack of time off from work, lack of money, or both.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We all know at least one person who is always on vacation, or just got back home and is planning their next trip.  A cruise last month, leaving for Europe next week.

How do they do it? Maybe they are retired, with a large brokerage account that somehow escaped the recent unrest in the stock market.  It’s possible they have a trust fund or inheritance that takes care of their every desire.  Or it could be they’ve maxed out their credit cards and their vacation time is all used up.

Or perhaps…they have a job that allows them to pay for it all, with time off whenever they want, and money to spare…


Right now, you’re probably shaking your head.  “CLIENTNAME,” you’re thinking, “does that kind of job even exist?  One that pays well and gives you time off when you want it?  Sounds like a hoax.” 

No, it’s not a hoax.  That job is very real, and you can learn how to do it with AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

Copywriting for the $2.3 trillion direct response industry is a dream job for anyone who wants to see the world.  It’s a job that lets you travel when and where you want.  You can even live where you want.  Working from home, you are no longer tied down to a single geographical area.  That means:

-You’re never “late” for work, since your office is at home.

-You can move to your favorite climate, whether it’s the mountains or the beach, or somewhere in between.

-You can take as much vacation time as you want.  You can schedule your work around your travel, instead of the other way around.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?


And did I mention the money?

Copywriters are always in demand.  There is simply too much work available and not enough qualified people to do it. And the letters that you write will make millions for your clients, and anywhere from $40,000 to $200,000 a year – or more – for you.

You can work full time, part time, or even “retire,” and still make more money than most doctors.

And you don’t need an advanced degree and years of training to do this.  With AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, you can be up and running as a copywriter in six weeks – or less.  With this self-paced, hands-on course, you will easily pick up the skills you need to be successful.


Your next port of call is waiting for you.  All you have to do to get there is embark on your new career in copywriting.  Oh, and just one more thing:  Is your passport up to date? 


P.S.  Before I forget, I wanted to tell you about AWAI’s incredible money-back guarantee.  If, for any reason, you decide that copywriting is not your thing, return the program to us within 30 days for a complete refund.  No questions asked. 

After all, copywriting is not for everyone.  But if you can write like you speak and follow some simple and powerful techniques, then you can create a life where you are free to pack your bags and fly away on a moment’s notice.

Are you ready to get started?